Failure Summit 2021

9 months agoFebruary 2, 2021
👋Hello Failure Toy Fans!!

If you'd like to be included in our Failure Toy Testers list and also tell us when you plan on using your toys, head on over to this link (should take you under 2mins):
Stephen Mitchell
8 months agoFebruary 9, 2021
Great concept 21 Toys!

This would really resonate to project managers, engineers and designers. They are all dealing with failure, and solving those problems effectively everyday.  
The game play works perfectly to demonstrate obstacles, creative problem solving, and constraints like time. 

Please keep me in mind as a tester.
Brittney (Community Manager Twenty One Toys)
8 months agoFebruary 9, 2021
Thanks for your kind words Stephen, we really appreciate it! ☺️
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